Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes does Primo come in?
350mL, 600mL, 2L

What flavours of Primo are there?
Lime, Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry

How much sugar does Primo contain? How much of this is added and how much is naturally occurring?
Primo Chocolate contains 9.4g/100mL of sugar. 49% is naturally occurring from the lactose in milk. Primo Strawberry, Banana and Lime contains 9g/100mL of sugar. 51% is naturally occurring from the lactose in milk.

Does Primo use natural flavourings?
Primo contains both natural and artificial flavourings.

What additives are in Primo?
Primo contains colours and flavours so it looks and tastes great. It also contains carrageenan, an extract from seaweed, which gives primo a thicker texture.

What is the nutritional content of Primo?
Primo is a low fat milk and is a source of protein, calcium and vitamins A and D.

Does Primo contain caffeine?
No Primo does not contain caffeine.

What type of milk does Primo use?
Primo uses lite blue milk (1.5% fat).

Does Primo contain preservatives?
No, Primo does not contain any preservatives.

Where can I find Primo?
Primo can be found in NW, PNS and CD stores, along with BP, Mobil and Caltex oil stations. It will also be in many dairies across the country.